Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Literary Junkies: October 2013

It's the third Tuesday of the month again, which means it's time for the Literary Junkies link-up! I didn't get a chance to read this month's book, so I won't be participating in the Twitter chat this evening, but I couldn't miss an opportunity to connect with my fellow book-loving bloggers with this month's questions. Read more after the jump to see the questions and my answers!

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What are you currently reading? Tell us a bit about it!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Words cannot explain my feelings about this book. It is beautiful and tragic and everything a novel should be! I had heard this book was amazing throughout the blogosphere, but I really didn't know what it was about. I'm glad I started reading this without really knowing the plot details, though. It just made it more surprising and beautiful!

What are your five most recent book purchases?

Thanks to my local library, I barely buy books anymore. I recently pre-ordered the paperback version of The Storyteller to add to my Jodi Picoult collection (and prepare for November's Twitter chat!). Before that, the four most recent books I bought on my Kindle while I was traveling constantly were: The Hangman's Daughter ($0.99!*), Out ($2.99), Infinite Jest ($1.99) and Changeling ($1.99). I haven't been on any long trips lately, however, so all these books remain unread for now.

*Note: These were the prices of these books when I bought them as Kindle Daily Deals. Prices may have changed.

image via @mcstroup on Instagram
Have you ever named/nicknamed anything (person, pet or thing) after a character? Who and why?

I don't name a lot of things, and unfortunately my current living situation doesn't allow pets. :( But this is definitely something to consider for future friendly critters....

If you could live in one book, all of its characters and in the town, which would it be?

If you had asked me this question any time before this month, I would have picked the Harry Potter series, hands down. (Specifically The Goblet of Fire before Voldemort returns. I think that's probably the safest time in the series haha.) But I think I might have found a world to rival J.K. Rowling's in the Night Circus. I want to experience the stories in Widget's bottles and feel the chill of the Ice Garden and get lost in the Cloud Maze. I want to witness Celia's manipulations and marvel at Tsukiko's talents while eating chocolate mice and caramel popcorn and sipping on cider. Of course, Hogwarts and the Wizarding World will always have a special place in my heart, but when given the choice between a world of magic and a world of enchantment, who can choose?

Can you think of a book you read that taught you something concrete that you've never forgotten? Tell us about it.

I've definitely learned some important life lessons through reading, but as far as something "concrete," nothing comes to mind right away. I'm really interested to see how other bloggers answer this question today, though!

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Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Found you through the link up! Just finished The SToryteller. I thought it was awesome. I can't wait to see what you think!

FYI - giveaway at my blog!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Christine said...

Found you through the link up - I've heard good things about The Night Circus but never picked it up, looks like I may have to finally read it!


Adri Avila said...

Ahhhh isn't "The Night Circus" amazing? I think it's by far one of my fave books!! I also choose this book to live in!!! Like you said it's so enchanting and magical, and ahhh, take me to the night circus!! I think I would definitely be a reveur, if I lived there. :)

Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

Mandi Noel said...

Several people have mentioned the Night Circus in their linkups today, and I am very intrigued! I'm definitely adding it to my reading list!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

The Storyteller was so good! I need to read Night Circus- have it on my list.

Sara said...

I found you through the LJ link up! Several people have mentioned The Night Circus. I just added it to my wish list on Amazon. :) Have a great rest of the week!

Susannah said...

This has given me some great ideas for books to add to my reading list. :-)

The Lady Okie said...

You describe The Night Circus so well!

Anonymous said...

I am totally intrigued....I need to read the Night Circus now!


Unknown said...

I'm always looking for a good book recommendation, so I am extremely excited to look into this one! I love the fun cover art :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, Night Circus is such a beautiful read. I love its mythic feel.

Fran said...

I've had The Night Circus on my to-read for a while but reading your description makes me want to read it so badly!