Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week in Review: 08.24.2013

This week actually proved to be pretty productive for me! I loaded up a duffel bag with Norts, library books and DVDs to spend a week back at my dad's house recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. After hearing horror stories from some of my friends, I expected to be drooling and sleeping all week long, but instead I got a ton done around the blog! I designed a media kit for my blog, created a Travel Tuesday page for my weekly link-up and worked on my recent Weekly Wishes. I'll provide a full update on those goals on Monday. :) Now, for a quick recap of the past seven days:

5. Countryscape on Camera: Greece (posted August 20)
4. The Book Chat: Chick Lit (posted August 22)
3. Literary Junkies: August 2013 (posted August 20)
2. Weekly Wishes #1 (posted August 19)
1. Advice Needed: Stylish Walking Shoes for Europe (posted March 13)

5. "miserable world what one has learned" (glad this post is still attracting visitors; it's one of my favorites!)
4. "i wore shoes sperry's"
3. "stylish walking shoes for europe"
2. "fashionable walking shoes for europe"
1. "stylish walking shoes"

Who knew I would ever be considered an expert on fashionable footwear? Let's take bets on how long it will take for another post to push this one out of the top five: Over or under a year??

>> I'm not sure how this happened, but I recently started re-following siddathornton, the wonderful host of the verb-oriented Sunday Currently link-up. I don't know if I lost her url when I made the transition to Bloglovin' or what, but I'm so glad she's back on my reader! And my Instagram feed. :) I mean, who doesn't want to read gems like this:
"C E L E B R A T E. Everything. Nothing is too small to celebrate. I repeat, nothing"?

>> The touching story behind why Kate from Daffodil's and her husband decided to name their third son Wells. (Warning: Emotions ahead!)

>> I've been reading The Broke and the Bookish for a while, but I just discovered The Perpetual Page-Turner, the personal book blog of one of Broke and Bookish's contributors. She does awesome, fun book posts like book superlatives (high school yearbook-style) and her life in young adult book titles—so creative!

I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday, so my week pretty much looked liked this:

It took me until Friday afternoon to risk "solid" food, but boy was that orange chicken worth the risk. Yum! Luckily, all that television-watching also meant plenty of time for writing and designing! (You know how I love to multitask.) In addition to all the blog additions I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I also have blog posts scheduled up to September 16. Yikes! Too much free time for this woman over here.

Oh, and I also posted that cooking blog I promised you in last week's weekly recap. :) There is a really good pasta salad recipe in there!

How was your week?

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siddathornton said...

this is such a cool post format! i love that you shared how people find your blog - i've been planning to do a whole post on that for a while. i find it so interesting what brings people to my blog through google sometimes.

and thank you so much for the shout-out! you said such nice things. i'm glad we've gotten re-connected! :)