Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Travel Tuesday Contributor: Just Another Smith

It's time for another Travel Tuesday guest post! Today Andi is sharing some quick packing tips for a weekend away. If all is going as planned with my trip, I'm on a plane to Athens, Greece, right now. :) Wish me luck!


Hi there!  I'm Andi and I blog over at Just Another Smith.  Most of my posts are about my everyday style, with some random stories thrown into the mix and maybe a book review now and then.  I'm pretty jealous of Megan's adventures in Europe.  I love to travel, and would go on vacation every week if my budget allowed it.  My most recent trip was a quick weekend to Arizona with two of my best friends.  Here are some tips on what to pack for a four-day weekend adventure:

First off (obviously), check the weather and make a note of what you are going to be doing during the weekend.  My friends and I had a phone date a couple weeks before our trip to discuss the plans.  The weekend was going to consist of shopping, pool time, hiking, and general hanging out.  The weather was going to be perfect — sunny and in the 80s!

Girls' Weekend Essentials

For shopping/hanging out, I wanted to keep it casual, but still feel cute and put-together.  I brought denim shorts and 2-3 cuter tops.  I threw in one dress, just in case we did something fancier one of the evenings.  I always recommend bringing a cardigan, because it is usually chilly in air-conditioned stores and restaurants.  I made sure my cardigan would coordinate with all my outfit options.   

I also switched out my regular-sized purse for a smaller cross-body bag.  This was super convenient for travel and toting around all weekend.  For shoes, I brought some flat sandals that are a little bit fancier than flip flops, but still comfortable for walking around the mall all day!

Weekend Away - Sporty
Weekend Away - Sporty by andi-smith

Part of the weekend was reserved for hiking, pool time, and yoga, so I had to throw in some active wear, including my favorite concert t-shirt of the moment!  I also always bring a zip hoodie on trips, because it might be chilly on the plane!  I actually bought a pair of workout capris in Arizona, which were perfect for yoga class and the plane ride home.

As far as actual packing advice, if you don't want to check a bag, I recommend taking a standard carry-on rolly suitcase and a backpack.  On the way there, my backpack was almost empty.  Since I knew we would be shopping, I wanted to make sure I had room for my new items on the way home.  I also knew I could save space by wearing my tennis shoes and hoodie on the plane, to make more room in my suitcase.  

Do you have any exciting trips coming up?  Any packing tips for the rest of us?

Special thanks to Megan for letting me take over her blog today!  I'm always looking for new bloggy friends, so please stop by and say hello!  You can find me on my blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Hope to see you around!


Thanks for the tips, Andi! I hope you get to take another fun vacation again soon. :)

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