Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Too good to multitask.

While traveling this year, I've developed the habit of watching television on my iPad while blogging/working on my laptop, or vice versa. I can rarely ever watch my favorite shows on television, but luckily most channels have free apps that allow me to watch shows the morning after they air. Sometimes, I stream a mindless show on my Netflix account while working (think How I Met Your Mother or Glee), but there are three shows I can't multitask while watching because they are just too darn good.

1. Scandal

I was expecting a trashy scandal, but instead I got intelligence and wit! Score!

I first saw commercials for this show while watching Revenge* on my ABC app and devoured the entire first season on Netflix in about two days (it is only seven episodes, if that makes me sound less pathetic). Honestly, I first started watching it because the commercials made it look sexy and scandalous. I wanted a brainless, 50 Shades-esque show to watch while I worked away on my other device. What I got, however, was my new favorite show of the year. Scandal is one of the smartest shows on television right now, and I just can't get enough. Luckily, the second season is full-length, not like that paltry seven-episode teaser they called a season last year. It follows Olivia Pope, a high-powered "fixer" in Washington D.C. dealing with all sorts of scandals, who also happens to be a central figure in the biggest scandal of them all ... an affair with the president. Although I do enjoy following the ups and downs of Olivia's "relationship," I like the show more because of each episode's independent scandal storyline, much like the format of my favorite crime shows (e.g. Criminal Minds and No. 3 on this very list).

The minute I saw a commercial for a new show about a serial killer, I knew I had to watch. This show is also very clever—disturbingly so—and has a somewhat scandalous relationship storyline on the side. The only gripe I have about this show is it doesn't follow the semi-independent-episodes format of my other favorite shows. I was expecting each episode to be about a different attack perpetrated by Carroll's following, but lately each episode has just been a continuation of things that have already happened. Is it weird that I want to see some more blood, or at least different victims?...

My love of SVU is no secret. Even after Elliot left two seasons ago, the show continued to impress. I've blogged about this show before, so I won't rehash everything here, but wow.

What are your favorite shows of the moment? And/or, what old shows have you been watching on Netflix lately?

*I must say, the second season of Revenge has been a huge disappointment. I don't care about Emily's love triangle (quadrangle?) anymore—I just want to see her take some people down!


  1. How did I miss The Following?? I love anything serial killer related (as weird as that sounds) - you should also check out The Vikings from The History Channel!

  2. I can hardly multitask with any show. The only time I watch/catch up on shows is when I'm eating. Too many shows and so little time.

  3. My favorite shows right now are Revenge, KKTM (embarassing), Nashville and Mindy Project. As far as old shows on Netflix...I can never get enough GOSSIP GIRL or Roswell =)

  4. I started watching Doctor Who on a whim back in February and I plowed through the revival episodes. It is so. freaking. good.

    I really want to watch The Following. I love Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy so I would more then likely also love the show!

  5. Just found your blog and I love it :) New Follower

  6. no joke, my top 3 list is EXACTLY the same. And in that order. When Scandal is on I can do nothing except think about Oliva and Fitz! ;)

  7. I keep meaning to check out Scandal, but I never get around to it. I will one of these days though. I completely agree with you about Revenge. They really need to up the revenge game and dial back the love drama.


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