Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Photo a Day: November

Woot! I'm posting my November Photo A Day challenge recap just before the December challenge ends. Thumbs up to me. I'm also linking up this post with Taingamala's last-ever InstaTuesday. (Sniff sniff.) Does anyone know of another good Instagram link-up I can join next year?

1-2. I was so excited to take a picture of a red Starbucks cup for something beginning with 'C' on November 1, but the campus bookstore I visited didn't have the holiday cups. (Sigh.) Luckily, I could use a red cup the next day for colour!
5. I took this cute little Target notebook to a Panhellenic meeting at 5 o'clock.
7. I caught my reflection in my iPad at the Washington State University student center.

12. I found the most adorable coffee shop in Santa Barbara with all kinds of great drink options (including peppermint patty and almond joy).
15. You can see what's in my bag in this post I wrote last month.
17. Technically, these Georgia vs. Georgia Tech tickets were the last thing my dad bought. Merry Christmas to me! :)
19. Bojangles' sweet tea is uh-mazing. So is my Grandmother's.

20. Reading Water for Elephants was my play before I worked on chapter reports.
21-22. I was so grateful for the friends I got to see over Thanksgiving break! I also used the top right picture of that collage for what I wore on November 21.
23. A midnight fire at my cousin's after Thanksgiving dinner ... in the black of the night.
24. I heard thousands of fans cheering the Dawgs to victory at the Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate Rivalry game.

P.S. — Merry Belated Christmas! I'm hoping to get some pictures of my European holiday up soon(ish).


Jane said...

Love! You have such awesome photos! I love the make it yourself print, your purse is so cute and I seriously want to have a bonfire now! Thanks for linking up with my very last InstaTuesday!

Jane said...

And also, has an Instagram hop!