Saturday, August 11, 2012

Real Housewives of Macon.

During our Leadership Consultant training, we got to spend one day in Macon, Georgia, exploring the history of Alpha Delta Pi. I also got to see all these wonderful places last year when I was an intern, so you can read specifics about our history in Macon in that post. Today I just wanted to share some Instagram photos from our adventure!

Consultants at Eugenia's grave.

Slightly blurry photo in the Cannonball House.

Being gangster or something outside the Cannonball House....
The Adelphean and Philomathean rooms in the Cannonball House.
Cooling off in the fountain at Wesleyan.

Which college campuses hold special meaning for you? Besides the college(s) you attended, of course. :)


Jennifer said...

Your pictures are so cute! I love the bond that Phi Mu & ADPi have. I have visited Macon, Wesleyan, & the Cannonball House to see the history of Phi Mu as well.

Whitney H said...

How sweet! Of course Miami University (Ohio) is special to me. That's where Delta Zeta was founded. I have visited twice and it was amazing!

Jessica Bucher said...

AGH you were so close to me!! Seriously, if you end up in GA, AL, or FL again, you need to tell me.
Also, you all look so pretty and perfect :)

Carenpants said...

Looks like you're having fun! You look great!