Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Book Challenge: Week 11

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Congrats to yet another finisher, my fellow Sister of the Suitcase Cristina! Remember, the first five finishers get a guest/featured post on my blog. Who will get the final spot? Current scoreboard:
  1. Momma Sunshine @ Cross-Stitching Diva — 200 (DONE: First finisher.)
  2. Heather @ A Cupcake Love Affair — 200 (DONE: Second finisher.)
  3. Nova @ My Seryniti — 200 (DONE: Third finisher.)
  4. Cristina @ Bonjour, Je M'appelle Cristina — 200 (DONE: Fourth finisher.)
  5. Hannah on Goodreads — 165
  6. Amanda @ Down to Sanity — 145 
  7. Megan @ Semi-Charmed Kind of Life (host) — 145 
  8. Lindsay @ Lindsay in Progress — 115 
  9. Stacey @ Stacey's Daze —115
  10. Jessica @ Sweet Green Tangerine — 105   
  11. Jessica @ Eternally Enlisted —100
  12. Scribacchina @ Parole/Words — 80 
  13. Joslin @ Joslin as Mrs. Williams — 80
  14. Laura Swan — 80
  15. Karstrel @ Infusions of Wit From an Everyday Girl — 80
  16. Jo @ In Which We Start Anew — 75
  17. Rebecca @ Garrulous and Bookish — 70
  18. Sarah @ Books, Jeans, and Awesome — 70 
  19. Pinar @ Pinuccia's World of Books — 65 
  20. Book Dragon @ Book Dragon's Lair — 60
  21. Reading After Bedtime — 60
  22. Erinn @ It's the Journey — 60 
  23. Jessica @ Random Thoughts — 55 
  24. Jen @ Grown in Southern Ground — 50 
  25. Gabs @ Novel Ideas — 50
  26. Amy @ Delightful Witticisms — 50
  27. Michelle @ Book Crazy — 45
  28. Kevin @ The Blog of the System — 45 
  29. Annie @ Explanniefyfed — 40
  30. Angie @ Angels are Kids and Furkids — 40 
  31. Patty @ Pitter from Patty — 40
  32. Kelsey @ All-American Girl Living the Dream — 40
  33. Jennifer S. — 35
  34. Abby S. on Goodreads — 35
  35. Tina @ Like Ordinary Life — 30
  36. Darlene @ Darlene's Book Nook — 25
  37. Jenna @ Cannery Row Reads — 25
  38. Becky Ingle — 20
  39. Sary @ Some People Use Their Imagination — 15
  40. Amanda @ Amanda's Weekly Zen — 15
  41. Katrina @ Elements of Fun — 10 
  42. Whitney @ The Observant Turtle — 10
  43. Sarah @ The Roaring Twenties — 10
  44. Erin J. on Goodreads — 5
  45. Amanda @ Words From My Heart — 0
  46. TiggerRD on Goodreads — 0
  47. Caroline @ Carenpants — 0
  48. Michelle @ The True Book Addict — 0
I'm still in a reading rut. I hope I didn't burn myself out with my very frequent use of my library card this year! However, I have the feeling I'm just not that into LOTR, which is making it very difficult for me to finish my current book and move on to another.

Please update me on your progress in a comment on this post. I usually don't write the scoreboard post until Saturday, so as long as you check in by Friday I should have your most up-to-date score on the board. If you forget to check in one week, no worries! Just catch yourself up on the next week's check-in. If you just joined the challenge, welcome! Please feel free to include all books you've read since May 1 that were at least 200 pages long. You can review the full list of rules here. Good luck!


Joslin said...

I'm right there with you. I'm stuck on a book for my opposite titles. It's depressing in a way that just weighs me down and bums me out rather than in a heartfelt, interesting way that keeps me going.

Book Dragon said...

I have two books read for opposite titles but they don't pair up :-(
I've got a great line up of books, just that some of them are in storage and I haven't picked them up yet.

3 weeks left? yikes!

Darlene said...


15 points - Read a book that you've always wanted to read but haven't gotten around to yet:

3rd Degree by James Patterson and Andrew Gross (Women's Murder Club, Book 3)

Lindsay Cochrum said...

Previous Points: 115
Current Points: 135

Finshed Scott Westerfield's "Pretties" for antonyms! About to start my random shelf book. :)

Darlene said...

A 2nd book for this week!


25 points - Read a book about which you’ve heard bad things:

The Road by Cormac McCarthy - I heard this one was pretty dreary and depressing, and it's true! But I still liked it.

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

I'm at the halfway point - yay, me! I spent so much time looking for a trilogy that would hold my interest long enough. I kept disliking the first books of each series I'd picked, except the Ally Condie series (which I didn't realize wouldn't have book three published until the fall-oops). I'm sticking to the Shiver series, though I wasn't totally enamored with the first book. I liked the second better, though it was predictable. I finally got myself to the library and was able to do my shelfpick challenge...hope I have more luck with that, but at least it's only one book I'll need to get through. Having my kids home for the summer makes a challenge interesting for me, because I end up reading their books along with them and don't have so much time for me. I did buy a Kindle Touch and look forward to more reading opportunities for me when I head on vacation. Anyways, yay me (again) for making it to the halfway point. I'm a chronic project stater and not so much a finisher, so I'm proud to have achieved this so far--and I recruited one other reader to the challenge, so I'm proud of that too. Thanks for hosting this challenge and before I sign off, please update the link for me about the reading list that I'm completing--it's listed incorrectly above--thank you. =)

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

As far as points (an extra step for me and I'd omit it, but for YOU, I wanted to follow the rules to show my appreciation for the challenge): 95

I'm counting half-credit on the "opposites" and 2/3 credit on the trilogy--I've got to so I can be motivated to keep going. Anyways, it better reflects my true progress because those numbers also bring me up to the (not quite, but close enough) half-way point on the numbers too.


Megan said...

I've updated your link to your GR. Sorry about that! And great progress. :)

TiggerRD said...

Thanks, Megan. I looked at our books in common and was surprised and delighted to see we had 73% similar tastes based on reviews.

Scribacchina said...

This week I only managed the book set in a place I want to visit: Jellicoe Road, for Australia, and one of my best reads of the year so far!
Previous points: 80
Current points: 100
Hey, I'm exactly halfway through! Yay!

Site note @ Book Dragon: 3 weeks? How so? Don't we have till the end of August for this challenge? *puzzled*

Amanda said...

check out my progress!