Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Book Challenge: Week 3

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Here is where everyone stands after the third week of the challenge:
  1. Jen @ Grown in Southern Ground — 50
  2. Heather @ A Cupcake Love Affair — 45
  3. Pinar @ Pinuccia's World of Books — 35
  4. Amy @ Delightful Witticisms — 35
  5. Erinn @ It's the Journey — 30
  6. Megan @ Semi-Charmed Kind of Life (host) — 30
  7. Jessica @ Sweet Green Tangerine — 25
  8. Stacey @ Stacey's Daze — 25
  9. Jenna @ Cannery Row Reads —25
  10. Abby S. on Goodreads — 25
  11. Sarah @ Books, Jeans, and Awesome — 25
  12. Becky Ingle — 20
  13. Momma Sunshine @ Cross-Stitching Diva — 15
  14. Rebecca @ Garrulous and Bookish —15
  15. Nova @ My Seryniti — 15
  16. Amanda @ Amanda's Weekly Zen — 15
  17. Katrina @ Elements of Fun — 10
  18. Joslin @ Joslin as Mrs. Williams — 10
  19. Patty @ Pitter from Patty — 10 
  20. Erin J. on Goodreads — 5
  21. Jo @ In Which We Start Anew — 0
  22. Jessica @ Eternally Enlisted — 0
  23. Laura Swan — 0
  24. Angie @ Angels are Kids and Furkids — 0
  25. Jennifer S. — 0
  26. Lindsay @ Lindsay in Progress — 0
  27. Darlene @ Darlene's Book Nook — 0
  28. Gabs @ Novel Ideas — 0
There are also a few people who have been blogging about my challenge (ahem, Kevin and Cristina), but not checking in. Please check in so I can count your points! :) Now, onto this week. Here's what I read:
10 points: Read a book you were supposed to read in school, but either bailed on or Cliff-Noted. — The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger (277 pages)
I also read Beasts by Joyce Carol Oates in one calendar day (it actually only took me 90 minutes), but it was only 138 pages, unlike the 160 pages cited on Goodreads. Grr. I didn't realize this until after I picked it up from the library and brought it home. Maybe the page count was different because I read the hardcover version, but I've challenged myself to not count it anyway. Darn!

Please update me on your progress in a comment on this post. If you forget to check in one week, no worries! Just catch yourself up on the next week's check-in. If you just joined the challenge, welcome! Please feel free to include all books you've read since May 1 that were at least 200 pages long. You can review the full list of rules here.

P.S. — I really regretted my new image policy today because I have so many awesome book pictures I want to use for these check-ins. But I know it will make my blog better in the long run. Sigh....


  1. This week I read Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City. Haven't decided if I want this to be half of the antonym challenge or not. Probably will be. And I just started The Devil Wears Prada (book you've always wanted to read).

    Last week: 35
    This week: 35

  2. Just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey as my memoir book.
    Previous Points: 30
    Current Points: 40

    Still trying to get through a couple books!

  3. I just recently joined the book challenge. So far I'm in the middle of reading 50 Shades of Grey as my trilogy challenge. I hope to finish it soon, so I can move on the the next book. :)

  4. I'm working on Girl Who Played with Fire as part of my antonyms (other will be About a Boy). I keep bogged down with stupid work, though. :(

  5. I finished Waterfall which was my 4th shelf, 3rd from the left book at the library.

    Previous points: 25
    Current points: 50

    Currently reading: Perfect Chemistry (2nd part of the antonym pair)

  6. I was really bored this week so I got a lot of reading done. I read one of my antonym titles, but I'm waiting for the other to arrive.

    15: Read a book that you've always wanted to read but haven't gotten around to yet – The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Kim Edwards (401 pages)

    20: Read a book that is set in a place you've never been but want to visit. The Bookie’s Son, Andrew Goldstein (233 pages)

    Previous points: 10
    Current points: 45

    1. How did you like Memory Keeper's Daughter? I read that awhile ago and liked it.

  7. Sadly I have only finished one book in the past 3 weeks! Ah! So much going on... Anyway, it was Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" It could count for several categories, so for now, I will put it in the one that gives me the most points! :)

    15: Read a book that you've always wanted to read but haven't gotten around to yet.


    Previous points: 0
    Current points: 15

  8. Finally got some real progress to report :)

    5: Read a book chosen for the 2012 World Book Night - The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver (543 pages)

    10: Read a memoir or narrative nonfiction book - Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert (334 pages)

    20: Read a book that is set in a place you've never been but want to visit - Persuasion, Jane Austen (238 pages)

    Previous points: 0
    Current points: 35

  9. I became a crazy person finished the trilogy this week.

    5 points: a book from 2012 World Book Night
    Peace Like A River pp. 311

    30 points: A triology
    Hunger Games pp 374
    Catching Fire pp 391
    Mockingjay pp 398

    Previous points: 25
    Current points: 60

  10. Totally checked in last week! I'm on Book 2 of my trilogy, but they're each about 1000 pages so it's slow going. Still no points for me.

  11. 5: Read a book chosen for the 2012 World Book Night - Good Omens by Neil Gamon and Terry Pratchett (366 pages)

    10: Read a memoir or narrative nonfiction book - Countess, A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory by Rebecca Johns (284)

    Previous points: 15
    Current points: 30

  12. Book in 1 day: Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler 15 points
    Trilogy: Fifty Shades Trilogy 30 points

    Previous Points: 25
    Current Point: 70 points

  13. I even set a reminder to comment on your post and got caught up in graduations! Haha, but here we go, FINALLY!

    5 Points: U.S. 2012 World Book Night
    Kindred by Octavia Butler

    15 Points: Read a book in a day
    The Exceptionals by Erin Cashman

    20 Points: A pair of books with antonyms in the title
    The Lucky One by NIcholas Sparks
    And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

    Previous Points: 0
    Current Points: 40

    I'll make sure to update if I read anything more this week, which I probably will :)

    1. I finished the Fifty Shades trilogy bringing my current points 70. Gotta love the summertime :)

  14. Thanks to all of the downtime on planes/trains/public transit on vacation this week, I finally got a book in! Like another one of the participants, I read "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" by Mindy Kaling for my narrative non-fiction/memoir. I highly recommend it - it made me laugh out loud (in public, which I guess is slightly embarrassing).

    Last Week: 0
    This Week: 10

  15. Ok, I'm fighting through my "book you've heard bad things about".....The Road. I must admit, it's pretty rough reading. So I decided to break it up and start the Madd Addamm trilogy. So I'm in the middle of both, but no actual points to report. :c(

    Previous Points : 20
    Current Points : 20

  16. Wait....Megan....your post says the list for everyone after 3 weeks. I thought this was the 3rd check in, so wouldn't the 3rd week tally be tomorrow? Did I miss a week? (I wouldn't doubt it!) Haha

    1. No, you didn't miss one! I was thinking it's been 20 days, so that's three weeks, but you're right; this score total is only from the first two weeks. Sorry for the confusion!

    2. Thanks Megan! No problem, I just figured I'd missed something. Whew! Haha

  17. Current Points: None, but I'm nearly there! I've finished Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and I'm almost done Mockingjay. That will put me at 30 points, yay! Hopefully that will be done, along with another book, by next Sunday!

  18. Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis

    Previous points: 0
    Current points: 15

    I finish a book overnight on a regular basis but waiting til after midnight to start was hard. :)

    I did a progress post

  19. 5 Points: World Book Night Read: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

    Previous Points:0

    Finally on the board! And working on Atonement for the book you've heard bad things about but it's slow going.

    1. I really liked Atonement! But then again, I'm biased because the movie starred Keira Knightly and I really like her (I saw the movie before reading the book).

  20. 20-read a pair of books/antonyms
    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Boy in the Suitcase

    Hunger Games

    Previous points-15
    Current points-65

  21. carenpants: 0 :(
    I was thinking I was going to get all sorts of reading done while I sick, but I couldn't stay awake because of the pain medicine. Definitely going to get going this week!

  22. uh oh, i'm no longer in 1st place! no new points this week. also i'm traveling for the next 5 weeks, so when i check in again i'll probably be in last place!

  23. 20 points: Read a book that is set in a place you've never been but want to visit.

    I read The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye, which is set in New York City. [I listened to the unabridged audiobook, but the printed version is 432 pages.]

    Here is the link to my review:


  24. Okay, so I was wondering why I was not on the list and then I realized, "Doh, Michelle! You have to check-in on Sundays!" I will try to remember. I think I'll put it in my Google Calendar. =O)

    Indidentally, I have zero points as of yet.

  25. I just read Jesus Land as my memoir. It was really good - I highly recommend it!

    Previous points: 25
    Total points: 35

  26. I'm just now joining the challenge.

    20: Read a book that is set in a place you've never been but want to visit.

    I read "Everything We Ever Wanted" by Sara Shepard, which is set in Pennsylvania (340 pages)

    Current Points: 20

  27. Loving this challenge!

    10: Read a memoir or narrative nonfiction - I read "The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears at the World's Most Famous Cooking School" (274 pages)

    I LOVE this book. I also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu (here in America, not the original in Paris) so it really hit home for me! :)

    20: Read a book that is set in a place you've never been but want to visit - I read "An Unlikely Governess" set in Scotland. I really wanna go some day!! (384 pages)

    Previous points: 45
    Current points: 75

  28. Last week but commented late:
    Read Good Omens thinking it was on the World Night list but it's not! Changing to antonym once I read the Bad Place by Dean Koontz!

    10: Read a memoir or narrative nonfiction book - Countess, A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory by Rebecca Johns (284)

    This week:
    30: Read Trilogy - P.C. Cast Marked, Betrayed, Chosen (923 pages)
    25: Read a book in which you've heard bad things -- Grim Reaper, End of Days by Steve Alten (487 pages) Btw, I wound up loving this book!!

    Previous points: 15
    Current points: 80

    Updated post at


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