Friday, April 13, 2012

On My Own: Work

So it's been 92 days since I moved into my studio, but hey, who's counting? I was doing some slight rearranging earlier this week and sat down at my table for the first time in probably two months or more. I decided I needed more surface space than my little television tray provides, so I finally turned my table from a storage surface back into a real, working desk. Now that I've finally done that, you get to enjoy the final installment of my On My Own series: Work.

The set-up is a little awkward with the chairs at opposite ends, I'll admit, but it works. (You have to get creative in a studio to maximize your floor space.) Also, some of the pictures were taken before the rearranging and some after, so bear with me:
1. This is what I see when I take a seat at the end of the table. All my necessities are within reach: my trusty MacBook, my phone, a good book and a steaming cup of tea.
2. My intense scrapbooking kit. You'll notice in pictures 3 & 4 that I've since rearranged the furniture, so the white shelves are at the foot of my bed and my scrapbooking supplies are neatly tucked under my desk.
3. The desk, in all its glory! I apologize for the messy piles at the end; I need to put some stuff in my car.
4. My white shelf unit from Staples. I have been wanting one of these for forever, but it was never practical in a dorm or sorority house room. It holds my copious amounts of stationery (see bottom center cube), various clothing items and my growing stack of unread magazines. I assembled it all by myself! Now I just need to figure out how to get it back to California with me this summer....

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