Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If I were fashionable, this is what I would wear.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your weeks have been good so far. I'm sticking with my usual Wednesday link-ups for now, but please take my survey if you have a few minutes to give me some feedback on my blog. It's only ten questions and all questions are optional. Now, on to what I'm loving this week....


First, please indulge me for a minute while I tell a roundabout story: I've been wanting a yellow pencil skirt for a while now (remember this?), and I thought I struck gold when The Limited had a 50% off sale on its website last week. I had put a yellow pencil skirt in my cart a while ago but was putting off buying it. Of course, when I went to buy it at the reduced price, it was no longer available! Luckily, I had to pick someone up in Albuquerque on Thursday night, so I went down early to stop by the mall. There were only about three yellow skirts left, and only one was close to my size, but alas, not close enough. Then, a saleswoman found my size on a mannequin and I was able to buy the skirt! It was 40% off in the store and I didn't have to pay shipping, so it ended up being a better deal than if I had bought the skirt online! Score.

This story has inspired the pins I want to share with you this week. The magazine I work at now has a very casual dress code, so I wear a lot of jeans and comfortable dresses, but I do need to update my wardrobe before I start my new job this summer. The following pins serve as inspiration for my forthcoming purchases.

Also, while I have you here, I need to buy a suit for the upcoming job. I already have a green pantsuit, but I want to buy a pencil-skirt-and-jacket suit as well. What are good suit colors for 20-something women? I was thinking a taupe or navy but would love your input! And now, for the pins (all taken from my If I Were Fashionable board, hence the post title):

And finally, I had a friend in town this weekend for Easter, so we ate out a lot. But, I did cook one delicious recipe from my Pinterest board:

Can't wait to see what everyone else is loving and pinning today!


  1. Love Love Love those skirts. Too Cute. Really like the silver one and the white one. It's still been to chilly for me to wear my skirts and i'm sad about it.

    1. Tights are the best invention ever! :) And I love the silver one, too; a metallic skirt is next on my list. They had one I loved at The Limited when I picked up the yellow skirt, but unfortunately there weren't any in my size. *sigh* I'll keep looking!

  2. I love all the skirts, If I knew how to put clothes together, thats exactly what my wardrobe would look like.

  3. Hah hah. I love the post title. :)

  4. these are great modern business skirts!! love the first pin with the floral top and red cardigan. Very feminine and adorbs!!

    I think you should shoot for maybe grey and a pastel color for your business skirt suit? professional and feminine... whatever you choose, show off some pics!!

  5. I love the post title, too funny. My should read "If I had enough money to buy all of these outfits, this is what I would wear" :)

  6. Love all the photos in this post! And I totally support your decision to get a pencil skirt and suit jacket. If it were me, I would get a cute fitted blazer that I could mix and match with other outfits as well... One that you can dress up or down! Happy shopping! :)

  7. I definitely think you can't go wrong with black, navy or taupe like you mentioned. Invest in neutral colors and add fun and colorful blouses for a younger, but still professional look. I think you could also go with colored blazer if you want some variety. (They're sort of like a really nice cardigan) They usually have really affordable blazers at Forever 21 in some cute colors. Blazers are also really cute for "going out" with jeans. Hope this pinterest page helps!

  8. I think you could pull all those looks off! I need to invest in more skirts, I rarely wear them, but they are so versatile.


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