Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The end of an era.

Time's up! 

I've had plenty of time this semester to think about graduation (and what comes after). I've remembered the good times, written countless cover letters during my job search, finally figured out my plan for next year and spent as much time as possible with friends. I had a countdown to graduation on my phone, a Facebook album titled "The End of an Era" for this semester's pictures (hence the post title), and my cap and gown has been sitting in my room since October 5.

But it didn't really hit me until it was too late to change my mind.

I've known for a while that I was on track to graduate a semester early. In fact, I started taking the minimum number of credits per semester when I realized I could have graduated a year early if I wanted. (I didn't.)

My friends (especially my younger ones) constantly asked me why I wasn't staying until May. I always told them it just wouldn't work; I already had two majors and, like I said, I was already taking the minimum course load. I guess I could have picked up a minor along the way, but by the time I realized how much I would really miss Mizzou, I felt it was too late. Everyone was expecting me to graduate in December, and I thought I was ready to leave.

 December grads! (Kiki, far right, is staying in Columbia next semester
despite the completion of her degree, hence her lack of gown.)

Well, I finally graduated last Friday, and I really am going to miss being a student at Mizzou. I think I would have missed it if I waited until May, too, but then at least most of my friends would also be graduating and moving on with their lives. As it is, my friends are still planning their spring break for next year, talking about their sorority schedules and living together in Columbia for a few more months, and I'll be halfway across the country on my own. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for my internship and having my own apartment (with candles!), but I wish I could savor that one last semester in Columbia.

I am definitely planning to visit for a weekend in the spring, but for the most part, graduation truly is the end of an era for me. Goodbye to living in a bunk bed (but having my best friend live under me). Goodbye to nights at Harpo's. Goodbye to dancing to "Like a Prayer" at all the ADPi date parties. But it's not goodbye to the best friends I have ever known - it's see you later. Thanks for a wonderful seven semesters in Columbia!


Kiki said...

STOP. IT. So many minors, never too late.

Michelle Annette Ward said...

Well here's to missing you already! And don't forget, you can always come visit and pretend you're still in college for a weekend!