Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kiki!

Yup, it's midnight, which means my Diamond Sister, Kiki, is turning 22! (Wow, she's getting old! Ha.) As a birthday gift, I wanted to dedicate a special blog to her. I know Kiki loves my blog, so hopefully she'll love this post the most. :)

A Diamond Sister is a "pledge mom/daughter" in Alpha Delta Pi. Kiki became my Diamond Sister after I joined ADPi my sophomore year, and she has been the best "mom" a girl could ever ask for! She's beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, funny and ambitious - what more could a daughter ask for in a role model? So happy birthday, Mama Kiki! I hope your 22nd birthday is your best yet!

Here's a quick look at our friendship over the years:

Back to the beginning....
On the "Sweet Tarts" Dance Marathon team together our freshman year at Mizzou!
Wittle babies!
 At my initiation brunch sophomore year,
after Kiki helped initiate me into Alpha Delta Pi!

 We got to celebrate Tap Day together our junior year.
(With the columns in the background, of course.)

 Celebrating Preference Day during our senior year of formal recruitment!
It's been an unforgettable college experience with her.

Happy Birthday, Kiki! 

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Kiki said...

You are the sweetest pledge daughter a girl could ask for! Thank you so much. Love you!