Wednesday, October 5, 2011

72 Days at Mizzou.

Photo via Pinterest

1. It's been a while since I've written a post about my
impending graduation and subsequent limited time at Mizzou.

2. I bought my cap and gown for graduation today. Eek!

3. With only 72 days left, I don't anticipate I'll accomplish
much more during my undergraduate experience.

Due to these three items, I decided it was time to write a nostalgic piece about my time at the University of Missouri. I don't know if you can be nostalgic about something that isn't actually over yet, but I'm going to do it. So there. This will be mostly photos that represent my most memorable and/or proudest moments here at Mizzou. Enjoy!

 My first "Mizzou" moment - helping to paint the Rock "M" at
Faurot Field during Welcome Week my freshman year.

 Getting my bid to the Alpha Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi!
(I will probably need to do a nostalgic post about just ADPi one of these days,
considering the countless memories I've had with her.)

Silly (and late) nights at The Maneater with my amazingly talented friend Katie.
I believe this was the night I took over as projects editor.

 Traveling to New York City with the MU Magazine Club
and visiting Glamour, Budget Travel, Sports Illustrated, etc.

Being on Dance Marathon steering committee my sophomore year.
FTK! (For the Kids!)

Football season! Go Tigers!
(In St. Louis for the Missouri-Illinois "Arch Rivalry" game in 2009.)

Being elected president of Alpha Delta Pi. Here I am with my predecessor
and former roommate, Rebecca, during recruitment in 2010.

 Three consecutive snow days my junior year! We didn't have 
class Tuesday through Thursday. Awesome.

My most memorable moment was being selected for Mizzou '39 in February.
This picture was taken during halftime at the Texas Tech basketball game.
(That's me laughing right in the middle.)

Celebrating my 21st birthday in Columbia! Accompanied by several of
my lovely fellow Walter Williams friends, of course.

Tap Day! I was tapped into Mortar Board, one of six secret societies at Mizzou.
Two of my closest friends (pictured) were tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa.

Traveling to Rwanda with the MU International Center. This picture was taken
outside the national soccer stadium after President Kagame spoke for the
nation's 17th anniversary of its Liberation Day.

More football memories!
But now that we're seniors, we can tailgate!

Of course, there are other memories that I don't have corresponding pictures for. These range from silly memories (such as always being the one to volunteer to ride in the back of the SUV when we didn't have enough seat belts) to personal accomplishments (such as getting my first real job at MizzouRec my freshman year or being selected for Homecoming Top 30 Royalty my senior year) to the people I've met along the way (you know who you are). Some of the memories aren't so good, such as the first time I ever failed a test (don't worry, there was a big curve) or when my chapter didn't win a big award I was hoping for this summer. But one thing is certain - without these memories, my undergraduate experience wouldn't have been what it was. Or what it is, for the next 72 days at least.

Sorry for the cliche ending, the obscene amount of pictures and the shameless self-promotion. But this post sums up what Mizzou was for me, and I want to make the most of the little time I have left!

What are/were your favorite college memories?


Carenpants said...

While this makes me extremely sad that you're graduating, it looks really good! What is a blog for if not to upload lots of pictures of yourself?

Megan said...

Thanks, Caroline! And you're absolutely right. I'm going to shamelessly self-promote myself more often! Ha.